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Casablanca Polo Custom Helmet

Casablanca Polo Custom Helmet

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Our helmet passes the European safety standards and is certified to meet the NOCSAE standard. Helmets that pass safety standards save lives and we are proud to be contributing towards a safer sport.

Classic Style And Shape 

We have maintained the classic shape, a staple of the Casablanca helmets; we have kept the profile as low as possible without compromising safety.


Using our expertise in helmet design and development we have been able to reduce the weight of the NEU creating our lightest helmet to date.

Max-Flow System

A unique design to allow maximum flow of air through the helmet reducing interior temperature.

Flexible Peak

Designed with a flexible peak to partially absorb impact in the case of a rolling fall.

Carbon Fibre

Outer shell made with carbon fibre for crush resistance and increased protection.

D3O Impact Protection | Shock Absorption

Includes D3O Decell in key locations to improve impact energy dispersion management.

4-Point Retention System

Safety is our priority, so now we only offer the 4-point retention system to guarantee that your helmet will stay in place when needed.

Quick Release Fastex Buckle

Industry-proven side release buckle. Made of acetal (POM) which offers high mechanical strength and rigidity.

Removable Headband

Another innovation by Casablanca, the classic sweatband is removable for an easier wash. You can replace it as many times as you want.


Custom Helmet Returns Policy

Please note that we do not accept returns for custom-made helmets. Each helmet is carefully crafted to your specifications, making it a unique piece. We encourage you to make informed decisions before purchasing. Feel free to reach out to our customer support if you have any questions regarding our returns policy. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.

Size Chart

SIZE Centimeter Inches
Size 6 3/8 cm 52 in 20 1/2
Size 6 1/2 cm 53 in 20 7/8 
Size 6 5/8 cm 54 in 21 1/4 
Size 6 3/4 cm 55 in 21 5/8 
Size 6 7/8 cm 56 in 22 
Size 7 cm 57 in 22 1/2 
Size 7 1/8 cm 58 in 22 7/8
Size 7 1/4 cm 59 in 23 1/8 
Size 7 3/8 cm 60 in 23 5/8
Size 7 1/2 cm 61 in 24 
Size 7 5/8 cm 62 in 24 1/2 
Size 7 3/4 cm 63 in 24 3/4
How to measure?

Measure the circumference around your head one inch above your eyebrows and just above your ears.

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